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Pressurebox Automatic

Keep the perfect bounce, improve your game & go green with Pressurebox Automatic, the next generation tennis & padel ball saver.


The Automatic Tennis & Padel Ball Pressurizer That Keeps the Bounce in Your Balls


Operated with a push of a button - Automatic Pressure control every two hours.


4 weeks battery time, in a single charge.


Pays back in a few months for regular players. Reduce landfill and ocean waste from toxic tennis & padel balls.


Button-operated, battery driven, built-in compressor.

Battery sound indicator at start, 1-4 beeps (4=fully charged).

Automatic pressure sensor, that automatically adjust the pressure every two hours.

Reinforced Lid

Pressurebox Tennis Ball Saver
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350 Million

That is the amount of tennis & padel balls thrown away every year. The reason? After only one hour of play, 20% of the pressure in the balls disappears - starting when you open the can the balls are bought in. Because of this, hobby players are forced to buy new balls about every 2 times they play. At a higher level, balls are changed multiple times in a single match. This is completely unnecessary - since all the materials in the balls are in perfect condition for many hours of play.

Of the balls thrashed, only 2% are recycled. The rest of the toxic waste ends up in places such as landfills, or in our oceans. The balls that ends up in nature stay there for 400 years before they break down. This makes tennis and padel two of the dirtiest (and most expensive) sports!

We are aiming to change that, and make tennis & padel green sports in accordance with UN climate goals 12, 13. We hope you will join us on this mission! 


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Green tennis
How it works


Tennis & Padel balls looses about 20 % of their pressure after just one hour of play. Here is how you get the pressure back: 

1. Open the lid at the bottom and put your balls in the box. Press the button and leave it turned on (!). A sound will be heard for 45 seconds while the pressure builds up in the can. When the correct pressure is achieved, the compressor stops automatically.

Note: if you try to turn on Pressurebox without balls in it, the process takes longer since more air will be needed.

2. Now, put the box back in your tennis bag and just wait. The Pressure inside the box will step by step get the pressure back in your balls through diffusion. Every two hours the the pressure inside the box will be controlled and adjusted automatically, as long as the button is turned on. 

3. Keep the balls in the box and the button turned on, until the next time you play. Then just open the lid and take out your pressurized balls. Enjoy! 

Pressurebox Tennis Ball Pressurizer
Image by Adam Seckel
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