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Tennis & Padel balls looses about 20 % of their pressure after just one hour of play. Here is how you keep the pressure in your balls: 

1. Open the lid at the bottom and put your balls in the box. Press the button and leave it turned on (!). A sound will be heard for 45 seconds while the pressure builds up in the can. When the correct pressure is achieved, the compressor stops automatically.

Note: if you try to turn on Pressurebox without balls in it, the process takes longer since more air will be needed.

2. Now, put the box back in your tennis bag and just wait. The Pressure inside the box will step by step get the pressure back in your balls through diffusion. Every two hours the the pressure inside the box will be controlled and adjusted automatically, as long as the button is turned on. A moderate sound will be heard for a few seconds when the pressure is adjusted so keep the box in some place where it does not disturb you.

3. Keep the balls in the box and the button turned on, until the next time you play. Then just open the lid and take out your pressurized balls. Enjoy! 

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Button-operated, battery powered, built-in compressor, USB chargingport.

Battery sound indicator at start, 1-4 beeps (4=fully charged).

Automatic pressure sensor, that automatically adjust the pressure every two hours.

Reinforced Lid

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Product description

Pressurebox is a fully automatic, battery-powered tennis ball conservation system for tennis and padel balls that complies with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standard. The lost internal pressure in the ball is rebuilt by diffusion. To ensure the best results, Pressurebox must be used regularly and continuously. Read these operating instructions carefully before putting the unit into operation.

Intended use

Pressurebox is a fully automatic, battery-powered storage system for tennis & padel balls. Balls are stored in an overpressure atmosphere. Any use other than that described voids the manufacturer's warranty.

How to use

Switch the power switch on and off at the top. Unscrew the cover on the Pressurebox by hand and insert new balls. Then switch the top button into on-mode. When you have switched on, you will hear 1-4 beeps, indicating battery level. The integrated compressor then builds up the internal pressure. This process takes about a minute with 4 balls.

After that, the Pressurebox must be switched on. The internal pressure is controlled and inflated in a fixed cycle. As a result, the compressor will be heard from time to time. (Tip: keep the Pressurebox in a place where the humming does not bother you (car, basement, gym bag). Before removing the balls, switch off the Pressurebox and open the threaded lid. A slight hissing is heard.

Battery level
The number of beeps after start tells the battery level, where 4 beeps = almost fully charged, 3= 75 %, 2=50 %  1=less than 25 %.

Charge the battery with the supplied USB cable. Connect the USB Type A charging cable to the Pressurebox. Connect the other end to a USB Type A power source. The charging process starts automatically even when the device is turned off. Overload is not possible. The integrated, rechargeable battery enables operation for 2 to 4 weeks.


Wipe the system regularly with a damp cloth. Never use solvent-based or aggressive cleaning agents. The system is not suitable for cleaning in dishwashers and must not be kept under running water.

Tips and tricks

We recommend high quality pressurized balls. With Pressurebox you can play the best tournament balls and still save money. All well-known ball manufacturers have been tested by us with Pressurebox and classified as compatible.

Safety instructions

The system may only be used as intended. A damaged or defective system must not be used.

The system must be kept out of the reach of children.

Water must not enter the system.

Do not place the system in open sun.

Do not use the system in an explosive, condensing or dusty environment. Do not store and / or Do not use the system below 5 ° C and above 40 ° C.

Use only the supplied Pressurebox charging cable.

Only charge the system on USB type A ports.

Explanation of symbols and signs

Read and observe the operating instructions and safety instructions before commissioning. Used batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.

scope of delivery

The delivery of a Pressurebox includes:

 Pressurebox

 Charging cable

 Instructions for use


If Pressurebox does not work as desired, please contact us.

Technical specifications

Length x diameter 330 x 80mm weight 395 grams without balls

Environmental protection

This device contains a lithium ion or lithium polymer battery. For reasons of raw material recycling, the unit should not be disposed of with household waste at the end of its service life. If you decide to dispose of your Pressurebox, open the control unit, remove the battery and dispose of it in accordance with local environmental protection and resource recycling regulations.

Warning: Opening the top of the unit will destroy it.


We give out a warranty of 1 years from the date of purchase for this unit - Within this warranty period, we will, at our sole discretion, repair or replace the unit free of charge for any defects that are based on material or manufacturing defects.

Compatibility / CE Marking
This device complies with the EU directives EMV 89/336/EEC and low voltage 2006/95/EC. At the end of its service life, please take the device to the available return and collection systems.

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